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Seeing the video of Michigan physics teacher Andrew Vanden Heuvel definitely makes the #ifihadglass pill easier to swallow, that Google denied my entry to be a Google Glass explorer.  It is exciting to see that Google has put this technology in the hands of pioneering educators like Andrew. I stumbled upon this video posted on the TED Blog  in which Andrew takes a virtual field trip to visit the Large Hadron Collider, and uses Google Hangout in order to bring his class in Michigan along on the journey with him!

Andrew uses every moment as a teachable moment, even riding a bike on part of the 27 kilometer path around the Hardron Collider- “Fewer people have ridden a bike here, than have climbed Mount Everest.”  Not only is this concept of bringing his class on this educational adventure extraordinary by itself, the journey really comes alive when the students start asking live questions on Google Hangouts through Google Glass.  I loved seeing the students thirst and hunger for learning in this video, the future of education is here! (Some other great ideas for Google Glass here too: 10 Compelling Ways People Plan to Use Google Glass)

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